The Platform Innovation Kit 5.0

Our latest toolkit for building and scaling platforms & ecosystems
The most advanced toolset for Platforms & Ecosystem Innovation becomes sustainable

Sustainability & Scale

So far the Platform Innovation Kit (PIK) has been downloaded over 100.000 times in the last 5 years and is used by corporates, start-ups, business schools and NGOs worldwide. Our user base and ambassador team has grown a lot. And we received a lot of very good feedback on how to improve further.

The year 2020 marks a very special year for us as we will launch a major upgrade incl. two key aspects.

Scale – We developed some new tools focussing on the “Scale-up” phase of a platform venture – helping you growth hack network effects 

Sustainability – As all businesses should support climate protection we incorporated sustainability aspects into the tools helping you to consider them in each step of business building

Beside those core upgrades we also refined the existing tools based on your feedback. The following table will give you a brief overview of what to expect.

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Sustainability & Scale
PIK 5.0 Changes

Overview of the upcoming changes

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Identify and Remove bottlenecks to scale.

Since years a lot of plaforms have been founded but a lot of them have problems to scale. We help you to identify and remove your bottlenecks and to unlock the power of network effects.


Build a sustainable Platform for People, Planet and Profit.

Climate change can be witnessed all over the world. It’s up to us to walk the talk and build a sustainable platform & ecosystem business – not just for profit, but for people and planet too.

Additional Changes

End-to-End Support

With new tools we support Platform Building from Ideation to Launch to Scale – covering all lifestages of a platform.


Building and Scaling a B2B platform is much more difficult than B2C. PIK is a proven framework for B2B platform ventures. 

Ecosystem Journey

Each Platform ventures requires a broader strategic context. With the Ecosystem Journey approach we support to position it right in broader business ecosystems.

CORE Tools

We will continue to release our core tools under Creative Commons License for free.

Advanced Tools

Building platforms require special tools. PIK 5 will consist of further advanced frameworks like e.g. Financial Modeling, Trust & Governance, etc.

Venture Building

Venture Building requires a continuously search for the right value propositions and business models. PIk5 supports those cycles of steady improvement. 

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