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Executive Summary

Modern platforms are based on data and a reliable and scalable IT infrastructure. Our Advanced toolset, developed together with platform powerhouse Amazon AWS, provides you with a framework, process and toolset to design a modern infrastructure. Based on the experience of hundreds of platform projects around the globe it provides best practices for C2C, B2B and B2C platforms.

Amazon AWS

This toolset has been developed together with leading platform powerhouse Amazon AWS and the Well Architectured Framework

B2B, B2C, C2C

The toolset provides insights on different types of platforms (B2B IoT, B2C Marketplace, C2C Sharing) to cover a broad range

Playbook, Canvases & Assessment

The toolset consists of 3 components: a playbook / guide, canvases for team work and an assessment

Modern Platform Architecture

Digital Disruption is happening now in all sectors dominated by the new rules of the platform economy. And platforms not stopping to expand their dominance to become an orchestrator in all life areas backed by data recognizing our consumer needs better than anybody else.

The success of those platforms are mainly driven by network effects creating hyperscaling monopolies. But also by building up the right capabilities on multiple layers to deliver exeptional experiences to the users.

Based on or projects together with leading innovating platforms we collected best practices and created an Advanced toolset to help corporates and startups to build a flexible, reliable and scaleable IT infrastructure. As the backbone of every successful platform is a modern architecture.

Together with platform powerhouse Amazon AWS to joined forces to bring together the best of Platform Design / Strategy with IT infrastructure knowledge. The result is our Advanced toolset which consists of:

  • A playbook incl. insights into B2B IoT Platform “Mindsphere” (Siemens), C2C marketplace “AirBnB” and B2C ride sharing platform “Lyft”
  • Frameworks to sharpen your understanding and thinking about architecture
  • Canvases to facilitate team workshops and alignment
  • Assessment to check your current state against best practices.

Read more about the tools and the playbook below and enjoy applying it to make build a better tomorrow.

Platform Infrastructure Advanced Toolset

Your Guide

Modern IT Infrastructure Playbook

Modern platforms rely on data and this requires modern IT infrastructures behind. 

This playbook will help platform teams to understand the logic behind a modern IT infrastructure and provides a framework to design all important aspects.

As you know, our aim at PIK is to provide you with high-quality and very practical tools to build your platform venture in the best way. That’s why we partnered with leading platform pioneer and powerhouse Amazon AWS to develop this toolset. 

The Playbook covers the following topics:

  • Best Practice Use-Cases (C2C Marketplace, B2B IoT Platform, B2C Sharing Platform)
  • Intro to the Value Stack Framework (Engagement, Intelligence, Infrastructure)
  • AWS Well Architectured Guiding Principles (Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Efficiency, Cost Optimization)
  • Platform Architecture Framework
  • A Design Process incl. Use-Guides for the Toolset
  • Assessment of how well architectured is your platform
Tools & Canvases

The Platform Architecture Canvas

  • Follow a structured approach to identify requirements based on your business model
  • Design a best in class infrastructure based on user requirements / perspectices
  • Cover all layers from engagement to intelligence / data to hardware infrastructure
  • To assess and update the current state toward a future state
  • make better decisions on where to upgrade and to focus on next
  • Optimize resource allocation

The Canvas is optimized for online usage (e.g. in Miro) or offline up to A0 size printing.

Tools & Canvases

The Platform Architecture Assessment

  • understand the current state of your platform compared to the Well Architecture Principles
  • to align priorities within your team about where to improve next
  • is a team exercise tool used within a setup of 3-8 people
  • Developed together with Amazon AWS as a cloud powerhouse 
  • Based on hundreds of platform projects worldwide

The Canvas is optimized for online usage (e.g. in Miro) or offline up to A0 size printing.

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