The Crisis Response Canvas a structured approach to survive a crisis Download the Canvas

Crisis Survival Mode

Platforms are the dominating business model of our time, but they are not immune against larger economic crisis like we witnessed with Covid-19. Downturn forces Startups and Corporates around the globe to enter survival mode.

In collaboration with leading corporations we developed the “Platform Crisis Response Canvas” to support a structured process for platforms to assess the situation, identify and evaluate mitigation options and to take actions.

The Canvas is published under Creative Commons License and can be downloaded for free.

Read more about our tool in our blogpost to learn more about our 4-step crisis response process. 

Assess the situation, identify options and take actions

The Crisis Response Process

The Crisis Response Canvas

Download the Platform Crisis Response Canvas

Download the Canvas or the complete Platform Innovation Kit for free and start building the future today. Canvases are high-resolution and optimized for A0 size printing. 

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