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Executive Summary

With the rise of the platform economy we saw that new players like UBER, AirBnB etc. disrupted markets and put themselves between the customer and the producers of products & services. This not only mean to loose important customer touchpoints & insights for the imcumbent companies, but also a fight against shrinking margins

How to fight back?

To help those incumbent companies to make better decisions, we developed a new tool – the “Ecosystem Journey Canvas“. It is based on intense research and interviews with executives of over 450 companies. 

While ecosystems represent an integrated set of services for the customer, traditional tools like the “Customer Journey Mapping” are not sufficient anymore. 

Read more about our tool in our blogpost and download the canvas for free – see link below. 

from customer journey to ecosystem journey

The Ecosystem Journey Canvas

The PBM defines the core value proposition of the platform and describes the benefit for each stakeholder / peer in the ecosystem. It is essential to understand if the platform will attract users or not. It is the perfect tool to start to design a new platform business concept or to analyze / check existing ones.

In a world of digitalization platforms becoming the new standard for business models. We upgraded to original Business Model Canvas to the platform world. Using the PBMC allows you to upgrade your business and discover hyper scaling growth opportunities.

How it works

Download the Ecosystem Journey Canvas

Download the Canvas or the complete Platform Innovation Kit for free and start building the future today. Canvases are high-resolution and optimized for A0 size printing. 

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