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Overview Platform & Ecosystem Services

We support you - end-to-end

We support you (startups, corporates, non-profit-organization, etc.) along the whole journey – from early exploration & validation to launch, to scale and beyond. 

For each phase of a platform journey we created specific programs based on our experience of >20 years platform innovation & entrepreneurship. 

Below you will find more information about the specific programs. is a venture development studio teaming up with corporations to create new platform ventures from scratch and tackle new markets together.

We are specialized on building new businesses based on network effects driven by platform economics and aim for a sustainable future.

We had the pleasure to innovate together with companies in multiple industries such like healthcare, manufacturing, high-tech, finance / banking, engineering, sport, food … over 150 platform ventures in the last years.

We help corporate dinosaurs avoid extinction and grow, using corporate venturing techniques, to enable them to hunt for startup unicorns. We are not an agency. We are not innovation consultants. We are entrepreneurs.

We co-drive your (corporate) start-up towards your customer of tomorrow. Find out more about our purpose, method, culture and habits on our website.

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Ecosystem Strategies & Opportunity Exploration

Phase 1: Ecosystemize

Within our 2 month process we have a closer look at specific ecosystems like healthcare, mobility, manufacturing, etc. and create a joint understanding about the future of this ecosystem. Based on that we can identify value pools, critical control points and identify opportunities for platforms. This lays the foundation for making Buy, Build, Partner and Join decisions. 

  • Build Ecosystem Understanding & Strategy Moves
  • Perform Market research and identify future customer needs
  • Spotlight Platform Opportunities in future ecosystems
  • Make Buy, Build, Partner, Join decision
  • Integrate New Business Building into your Digital Transformation Strategy
  • Setup Governance like Digital Growth Boards
Create a validated Platform concept and secure seed-funding

Phase 2: Explore

In this fully packed 2 month process we explore the full potential of a selected platform opportunity. This includes 2 validation rounds (problem + solution) and definition of the core elements of the business models like monetization strategies, experience and service design, roadmap, scalability with network effects, IT architecture, team capabilities, etc. The process is highly structured, remote and and executed by senior platform entrepreneurs.

As a special service this includes opening up our investor network to support seed funding. 

Result at the end is a well documented pitch deck for investors / decision makers to enable you to secure seed funding.

  • Create a Platform Vision
  • Two validation rounds (problem + solution)
  • Definition of Experience & Service design
  • Definition of IT architecture & MVP
  • Business Case & Monetization strategies
  • Network Effects and Growth Strategy
  • Investor Network & Pitch Deck
Launch with MVP, solve-chicken-egg and get traction

Phase 3: Embark

With our 12-month incubation program we help you to reach platform-market-fit and to unlock first network effects. It covers 360 degrees of platform venture building, incl. team building, business, tech, financials. The highly structured process is based on our experience of building and scaling >150 platform ventures. Sessions are run in a remote way with live interactions / check-ins.  

  • 12-month incubation program
  • From idea to Platform-Market-Fit
  • MVP & Tech Building
  • Solving chicken-egg problem + Growth Hacking
  • Team & Organizational setup
  • Run by Senior Platform Venture Developer
  • Sustainability by Design
Scale-up and unlock network effects

Phase 4: Embrace

The Evolve phase is a 6 to 12-month program for existing platforms scale-up (or to re-gain momentum) and accelerate growth by network effects. Often platform initiatives (especially in B2B) struggle to scale after initial launch. We assess your situation, re-focus your growth strategy and support with hands-on growth tactics and support to fully unlock the potentials of true network effects.

  • Scale-Up Sprints / Programs
  • Growth-Hacking Sessions
  • Platform Assessment
  • Entrepreneurial Re-Validation
  • Identify and unlock network effects
  • 6-12 month program (remote)
Become and strive as a super platform

Phase 5: Evolve

After you unlocked network effects the key question is “how to further evolve ?”. With our strategy program we support you to identify and evaluate growth opportunities in adjacent areas in the ecosystem. We use strategy tools like the ecosystem maps, market research and investor feedback.

  • Executive Trainings / Workshops
  • Certification Masterclasses for Platform teams
  • Customized Team Coachings
  • Online Live-Webinars



We love the direct contact with our customers, but our services are also available as 100% remote. From single sessions, to weekly sprints and our multi-week incubation program.

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