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Entrepreneurial Platform Innovation Program - Part 1

4-Week Live Entrepreneurial Platform Innovation Program – Part I: Explore, Validate & Launch a platform business / venture

Welcome and About the Program

Welcome to our 4-Week Live Masterclass Program – Part I. Here you will learn the required skills & methods to launch and scale your platform business / venture first hand from proven international experts and leading platform founders.

Today’s business disruption is led by platforms in B2C and B2B industries. Most companies are struggling to skill-up their employees to build and scale a platform business. We therefore created this 2 parts program.

This is the first worldwide program focusing not only on platform strategy, but on real platform venture building. Run by entrepreneurs and founders to give you real-world insights about what works.

The methods you will learn are based on the Platform Innovation Kit, the most-advanced toolset for Platform venture building worldwide – used and adopted by S&P 500 companies, startups and business schools across the globe. (www.platforminnovationkit.com).

Additionally this is a certification program, where you can earn an official “Platform Innovation” certificate.

The program is split into 2 classes:

Part 1: Explore & Launch a platform

Part 2: Scale a platform and unlock network effects (click here to check part 2)

You can attend both classes or only the one you think is best for your current situation.



Who are your coaches?

This program is run by serial platform entrepreneurs and based on our 20+ year experience on building and scaling platform businesses worldwide – B2C and B2B. We worked with over 150 international startups and corporates in the last 7 years to successfully launch and scale platform businesses. Now is the time to skill-up teams worldwide.

Additionally, we will host 3 mastermind sessions with platform founders of B2C & B2B platforms: this will be an opportunity for you to ask them questions live.


Who should attend the program/masterclass?

This program is aimed at platform teams & professionals in any industry, who are looking to gain a comprehensive understanding of the platform venture creation process and acquire the right skills to execute.

Typical participant roles:

Startups & Entrepreneurs planning to launch their own platform venture
Platform teams responsible to launch & scale a platform within a corporate setting
Venture Developers & Venture Architects of Venture Development Studios / Builders
Accelerator & Incubator teams who want to learn the best methods to coach their startup teams
Typical situations of participants:

Discovery phase -> Want to explore and evaluate platform opportunities -> attend part 1
Launch phase -> Have an idea and want to validate and go-to-market -> attend part 1
Evolve phase -> Already launched a platform, now want to evolve -> attend part 2
Scale phase -> 1-2 years in business and struggling to scale -> attend part 2

Learning Experience

This Course is part 1 of our Entrepreneurial Platform Innovation Program and focuses on the Discovery & Launch phase of a platform

  • 4-week program with 2 sessions of 3 hours each per week -> allows you to fit the program into your work schedule
  • Each session is based on short theory input, group work and team exercises to apply theory on case studies
  • Live feedback & Coaching
  • Live 3 x Mastermind sessions with CEOs & Founders of leading platform ventures
  • We will use Zoom and Miro for online video conferencing / break out sessions and online collaboration

Course Content:

  • Module 1: Intro Platform Economics & Ecosystem Strategies & Sustainability
  • Module 2: Intro Platform Innovation Kit + Platform Venture Building Process
  • Module 3: Ecosystem Scan & Whitespace discovery
  • Module 4: Understand and Select Control Points in future markets
  • Module 5: Value Chain Scan for inefficiencies
  • Module 6: User Personas to discover unsolved needs
  • Module 7: Opportunity ideation and selection
  • Module 8: Blueprint your platform business
  • Module 9: Financial Modeling of multi-sided markets
  • Module 10: IT architecture of platforms
  • Module 11: Go-to-market strategy and solving chicken-egg-problem
  • Module 12: Governance and behaviour design
  • Module 13: Service design for platforms
  • Module 14: Problem & Solution validation tactics
  • Module 15: Investment
  • Module 16: Pitch-Deck for platforms

In part 2 of the masterclass we will cover 16 modules for growth & scale. Check here.

You will walk away with

  • Knowledge about business platforms & digital ecosystems in B2C & B2B enabling you to understand the mechanics of a platform business model
  • The skills to identify platform business opportunities, value propositions, and customer needs, and the knowledge to develop a business model and plan that addresses these
  • Live Meet & Ask sessions with leading platform founders / CEOs of incumbent corporates
  • Best Practices of how to validate and launch a platform business (chicken-egg-problem-solving)
  • A proven framework (Platform Innovation Kit) used by Entrepreneurs & Innovators world-wide, thought at business schools and universities worldwide
  • Case studies for B2B platforms (Marketplace, SaaS enabled Platform, IoT Platform, Innovation Platform)
  • A complete pitch deck for your platform venture, with the confidence to communicate and present your business idea and leadership vision to potential stakeholders / investors.
  • Access to expert insights from a host of successful entrepreneurs and in-depth feedback on your platform venture pitch, and interactive live sessions.
  • Official Certificate “Entrepreneurial Platform Venture Builder”
  • Exclusive access to Online Community and online user guides

Voices of previous participants

“A highly recommended course for platform leaders and teams. With its clear structure, case studies and the Platform Innovation Kit methodology it fully delivers what was promised.”

“A totally missing course so far and it should be part of every companies talent development program”

Check out our video for more impressions & feedback.

Certification & Membership

Upon successful completion of the course, you’ll receive a certificate of attendance as proof of your knowledge of the Entrepreneurial Platform Innovation process and the insight into the starting point for a new platform venture.

Assessment is continuous and based on a series of practical assignments completed online. Your certificate will be issued in your legal name and sent to you upon successful completion.

You will also get access to our global community of Platform Venture Practitioners: quarterly, invite-only virtual meetings to exchange best practices access to latest thinking and methodology updates

Duration & Details

  • Live online course with expert trainers
  • 4 weeks timespan with 2 sessions per week
  • 8 online live sessions of 3 hours each
  • Live Q&A with platform founders & CEOs
  • Case studies with focus on Marketplaces, IoT, Marketplace enabled SaaS, Innovation Platforms
  • International – English as a main language + German, French, Russian support
  • Optional 1on1 Coaching session
  • We will use Zoom for video conference and break out sessions
  • We use miro.com as our online collaboration tool


  • Week 1: 1.3. (Mo) + 4.3. (Thu)
  • Week 2: 8.3. (Mo) + 11.3. (Thu)
  • Week 3: 15.3. (Mo) + 18.3. (Thu)
  • Week 4: 22.3. (Mo) + 25.3. (Thu)

All session start at 2pm CET.

Part 2 of the masterclass will cover 16 additional modules in 4 weeks. Check here.


Is there preliminary experience required?

Not really, but there is a clear advantage if you are familiar with startup practices like Design Thinking, Lean Startup & Co. Basic understanding of business model design and platforms also be an advantage.

How can I prepare for the course?

No preparation required. You will receive some pre-read material but no other assignments until we start.

Can I bring my own case / project to the course?

Sure. Nothing better than that. It allows you to transfer the learnings directly to your project. Please let us know upfront so we can consider it for group assignments.

Your Trainers and Coaches

We are experienced Platform Entrepreneurs and Venture Builders working with smaller and bigger teams on a global scale. We will confirm the final trainer team & guest speakers shortly before the event.

  • Matthias Walter (CEO fastbreak.one, Creator Platform Innovation Kit, Business Angel)
  • Nathalie Dumas-Lamborghini (CEO FlyingRhino, Platform Innovation Kit Ambassador, Startup Coach, Business Angel)
  • Alexander Friede (Co-Founder Lovoo & foodnewcomer, Investor & Business Angel)
  • Sören Frost (Co-Founder fastbreak.one, Startup-Coach, Investor)

Guests (to be confirmed):

  • Lars Schade (Managing Director Mercateo Group (Europes leading B2B marketplace)
  • Sascha Pallenberg (Ex-CDO Daimler)
  • Henrik Hahn (CDO, Evonik)
  • Sebastian Brenner (CEO Chemondis)
  • Philipp Ortwein (instafreigt)
  • Simon Tüchelman (kreatize)
  • Josef Brunner (relayr)
  • and others

Ticket Information & Refunding Policy

  • Teams (3 or people) will get discount – please book together
  • If you book both parts of the program, you will save 30% of the regular price

If you need a direct invoice, please contact us directly via masterclass@fastbreak.one

You will receive a confirmation email not later than 2 weeks before the start of the course.


If you decide to cancel your ticket:

  • 100% refund until 4 weeks before start
  • 50% refund until 2 weeks before start
  • no refund within 2 weeks before start

In case of cancellation from our side, you’ll receive a full refund.

You can book part 1 or 2 separately or join the full program. Group discounts available.

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find it very useful
Love the format

Run by true entrepreneurs

All our trainers are true entrepreneurs and gained their expertise in building & scaling own platform(s).

Meet & Ask the CEOs

The program consists of meet & ask sessions with CEOs of leading B2B platforms in Europe. 

Social Learning

Our program allows you to connect to your peers to exchange and build a network


Each participant will earn an official certificate as “Platform Venture Developer” or “Platform & Ecosystem Strategist”

Remote access

Our sessions are live online courses – you can participate without traveling


English is the main language, but our trainers speak multiple languages to answer questions directly  in German, Russian, French and Spain

The depth on details based on real-world examples explained by true platform founders and pioneers is what makes this course so valuable. It helped us to accelerate our platform initiative. 

Head of DigitalLarger B2B company, Germany

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