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Executive Summary

The Platform Innovation Kit is based on the latest research and best practices from building and scaling successful platform & ecosystem ventures around the world. 

It helps Corporates, Startups & Joint Initiatives to finde, design, launch and scale network based business models. It covers all 3 major lifestages of a ventures: Ideation & Validation, Prototyping & Launch, Growth and Maturity.

It consists of 3 major components:

      Innovation-Plan – a step-by-step plan guiding you from ideation to growth

      Set of Canvases – over 12 canvases to facilitate discussions and team work

      Assessment – compare yourself against 20 best practices


Additionally you can download the “Platform Innovation Kit App” to have a digital assistant supporting you to apply the canvases. Or you download our comprehensive Guides to learn the methodology in detail.

We designed the tool under the Creative Commons license, so that you can download and use it for free. 

  • The Platform Business Model Canvas is a perfect tool to design platform business models.

    Thilo Kassen
    Executive Manager, PRISMA Capacity
  • The Platform Innovation Kit absolutely kept its promise of hyper scaling our business by taping into the power of ecosystems and collaboratively owned surplus value!

    Christoph Hinske
    CEO Center for Societal Smart Grid Design
  • The Platform Innovation Kit is a great designed method to get different perspectives of your new business.

    Arthur Nonnenmacher
    New Business Manager, Balluff AG
  • The Platform Innovation Kit transforms a platform idea into a mature platform business model in the simplest possible way

    Dr. Lutz Kohl
    Product Manager & Co Founder Apiomat
a new generation of tools

From Linear Businesses To Ecosystems

What we see today is the rise of the platform economy – a shift from linear value chains to value creation networks.

Companies have to move away from the thinking of „my“ product or „my“ service. In a platform world you become the orchestrator of multiple parties. Your job is no longer to develop new products, your job is to facilitate the transaction between the participants.

The standard business model canvas is a perfect tool for linear businesses – we love it too. But using it to design multisided businesses can end up in a mess. That‘s where the PIK will help. Exclusively designed for platforms where you have to manage multiple value propositions.

Linear Business
  • Sells a product or service to a consumer
  • Owns one side of the transaction
  • Products have inherent value

„I derive value from my use of a product“

Platform Business
  • Facilitates a transaction between multiple parties
  • Owns infrastructure that facilitates the transaction
  • Platforms add network value

„I derive value from other peoples use of the platform“

These are the core canvases of the Platform Innovation Kit

From Ideation to Market Strategy

version 3.0

Overview of the Canvases

Want to get started? Begin with the ideation phase

Discovery and Innovation

Platform Environment Canvas

The PEC helps you to scan the environment of your business – key trends, market opportunities, industry forces like your competition and macroeconomic forces.

Platform Ideation Canvas

The PIC helps teams to create a portfolio of new platform ideas quickly, evaluate and focus on the most promising ones early.

Want to get a deeper understanding? Continue with the next phase of

Business Modelling

The Platform Business Model Canvas

The PBM defines the core value proposition of the platform and describes the benefit for each stakeholder / peer in the ecosystem. It is essential to understand if the platform will attract users or not. It is the perfect tool to start to design a new platform business concept or to analyze / check existing ones.

In a world of digitalization platforms becoming the new standard for business models. We upgraded to original Business Model Canvas to the platform world. Using the PBMC allows you to upgrade your business and discover hyper scaling growth opportunities.

Platform Value Canvas

The PVC  define the core value proposition of your platform to understand the core motivation of every stakeholder to join and interact with the platform.

Platform Services Canvas

The PSC defines the core interaction of your platform and they will help to match, transact and engage your consumers, producers and partners.

Network Effects Canvas

The NFXC breakdowns significant interactions in the ecosystem by its relevance, value proposition and stickiness.

Platform Governance Canvas

The PGC define the rules & norms for each step in the core process. It also helps to understand the necessary governance activities you have to perform.

Monetization Canvas

The PMC defines a solid business case for your platform business by looking in detail to your revenue streams and your cost structure.

Persona Canvas

The PPC defines the needs of your stakeholders and opportunities or gaps in your offerings to focus on the major needs of your customers.

IT Architecture Canvas

The PIAC defines the design and IT architecture / infrastructure from front-end to backend. 

Strategy Canvas

The PSC defines your position, your strategies and your influencers. Like go-to-market strategy, positioning and a business case.

Interactive User-Guide

Use our free app to get interactive assistance and up-to-date examples.

Download the Platform Innovation Kit

Download the User-Guide + the Canvases for free and start building the future today.Canvases are high-resolution and optimized for A0 printing. 


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