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Dive deeper into the platform game with our advanced tools and playbooks

Multiple Topics

Our advanced tools cover multiple strategic, operational and organizational topics helping you to scale your platform faster.

Playbooks & Tools

Our toolsets consists of Playbooks guiding through the topics and specialized tools like canvases or files for team workshops.

Multi Language

Our toolset will be published in multiple languages to support international teams.

advanced toolset

Modern Platform Architecture

In collaboration with leading platform powerhouse Amazon AWS we co-developed an Advanced toolset helping you to design a modern architecture for your platform business.

The toolset consists of:

  • Playbook with a detailed description into the topic
  • 3 different platform showcases (Siemens Mindsphere (IIoT), AirBnB (C2C), Lyft (B2C)
  • Guiding principles
  • Canvas for Architecture design
  • Assessment for your current platform architecture


Coming Soon

Advanced Toolset

Coming Soon: Ecosystem Strategy

As we move from a market perspective into an ecosystem perspective, we developed this Advanced Toolset to help you to identify, evaluate and select your strategic position in emerging business ecosystems.

This tool is important to:

  • Understand those emerging ecosystems (e.g. healthcare, mobility, manufacturing, …)
  • Identify and evaluate control points
  • Identify whitespaces for platform plays
  • Align executives to craft a solid company strategy
  • Align founder teams about the future of their platform venture

The package includes:

  • Ecosystem Strategy Playbook (.pdf) incl. Intro to Ecosystems, Control Points, Strategic Plays)
  • Step-by-Step process (.pdf) to craft an ecosystem strategy and to identify whitespaces for platforms
  • 3 Canvases (as .pdf and high resolution .png format for A0 printing)
  • Access-Code to our online user guide for this advanced toolset

The canvases included in this package:

  • Ecosystem Forces Scan
  • Ecosystem Journey
  • Control Point Evaluation
advanced toolset

Coming Soon: Network Effects

A successful platform is based on network effects. But what are network effects and how to create them? In our upcoming Advanced Toolset we guide you through this process to identify, build and scale network effects and reinforcement engines. 

advanced toolset

Coming Soon: Financial Modeling of multi-sided businesses

Platforms make it possible to implement different monetization strategies. With our Advanced Toolset we help you to:

  • Assessment different monetization strategies
  • Simulate different scenarios
  • Calculate profit & loss statements
  • Calculate network effects
advanced toolset

Coming Soon: Platform Value Stack

The Platform Value Stack is a strategic multi-tool for platform businesses / ventures. With our Advanced toolset you will be able to:

  • Learn the principles of the Platform Value Stack to drive the future success of your platform
  • Craft a solid platform strategy

This package includes:

  • Comprehensive Playbook (.pdf)
  • Special Canvases
  • Access to our Advanced Toolset User-Guide
Made to build better platforms

Sustainability by Design

Platforms are very powerful and disrupted each industry. But they also created a lot of damage to society. At the same time we face big challenges like climate change and pandemics. We strongly believe that in the future each business should be build with a positive impact to Profit, People and Planet – the so called triple bottom-line. Therefore we incorporated sustainability aspects into the tools, so that you create a positive impact platform business by design.


Supported by Platform Powerhouses

To build truly innovative but also very practical tools, we partnered with platform powerhouses. Fastbreak.One to bring in platform venture building experience of over 20 years. Amazon AWS as pioneers for modern platform architecture and the inventors of the (data) flywheel. And Miro as the leading global online collaboration tool. Combining venture building, technical leadership and facilitation experience.

Adopted by Global Innovators

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