Platform Innovation Plan

How to use our tool effectively

This guide will help you to get quickly comfortable with our proven methodology and our toolset.

Down below, you will find the explanation of each tool, as well as a detailed “how-to”-guide so that you can start working on your ideas with ease.


The Innovation Plan is best practice based blueprint for platforms going from design to growth.

The purpose is to help platform teams to focus on the right things at the right time. Adoption to each venture project is required. Clear milestones help you to fast forward and reach your goals faster and less risky.


There are 4 major stages of a platform venture. Each stage has different key priorities. The defined macro activities are color coded to help you to understand the impact area of your business model.

  1. Define the right stage for your venture and check / adapt the key priorities.
  2. Define completeness criteria for each milestone -> they have to have a customer focus (internal or external).
  3. Check and adapt the macro activities -> give them clear names and add ownership.

We recommend to transfer the plan into project management tool and to use an agile approach (e.g. Scrum, fast-time-to-market) to follow-up / update


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