Platform Business Model Canvas

How to use our tool effectively

This guide will help you to get quickly comfortable with our proven methodology and our toolset.

Down below, you will find the explanation of each tool, as well as a detailed “how-to”-guide so that you can start working on your ideas with ease.


The Platform Business Model Canvas (PBMC) acts as your One-Page Dashboard.

A) it’s a graphical overview of the core components of your business models

B) As a reference it mainly acts to track validation progress until you have a running business

  1. The canvas consists of 3 main areas:
    “ Value Creation ” is the front stage of your business model and describes how you create value for your customers, what are the touchpoints with your platform and which core network effects are in place.
    “ Value Delivery” is the backstage and describes how you deliver the value – what are core services of the platform and what kind of resources have to be in place.
    “ Value Capture” describes how you make money. Revenue vs. Costs. And it defines the north start KPIs / metrics.

Always start on the right hand side – with the customers/ core stakeholder of your platform business.


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