How to spot opportunities for your platform

Platform Opportunity Canvas

The Stakeholder Persona helps you to understand the needs of your stakeholders and to discover opportunities or gaps in your offerings. This ensures fact based decision making and to focus on the major needs of your customers.


For each Stakeholder use a separate Persona Canvas.

  1. Start with the righ-hand side and define the “jobs-to-be-done” of the stakeholder.
  2. Describe the gains (goals) and pains (friction) he currently has. The closer you put them to the centre the more important they are.
  3. List the offerings of your platform and put them closer to the circle the better they match to the needs.

“Drivers of change” are more important for companies / organisations than private consumers. Describing the pressure they face in the current situation.

“Contribution” defines the values the stakeholder could bring to the platform. Maybe those assets can be utilized by the platform owner.



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