LEARN HOW TO LAUNCH AND SCALE PLATFORM BUSINESS For all leaders who want to unlock the power of platforms and ecosystems

Overview Training Services

for Executives

Our certified “Platform Strategy” programs for executives who want to understand platform economics and learn how to integrate platforms into the company & digitalization strategy.

inhouse & public

for Leaders & Managers

Become a certified “Head of Platform” and learn the skills to actively drive a platform initiative from ideation to growth. Best for managers responsible to realize a platform strategy.

inhouse & public

for Platform Teams

Become a certified “Platform Venture Developer” and learn the skills to ideate, validate & prototype, grow  and scale a platform venture incl. insights from B2C & B2B platforms.

inhouse & public

up-skill your team


Platform Venture Developer Program

You are team responsible to build & scale platform? 

With our tailored inhouse trainings we help you to up-skill your team to become a certified Platform Venture Developer

This 3-step certification process includes:

1-Step: Online-Course to learn the fundamentals of Platform Venture Building incl. the Platform Innovation Kit methodology.

2-Step: Support on your day-to-day job and sharing best-practices

3-Step: Coaching Sessions to help you to apply the concepts to the specifics of your venture. 

hands-on learning together with others

Public Masterclass

Want to master the skills of platform design? Why not joining one of our public certification masterclasses.

This 5 session online masterclass is dedicated for consultants, innovators and business developers who want to learn and apply the Platform Innovation Kit methodology. After attendance you become a certified Platform Innovation Kit facilitator.

learn at your own pace

Online Courses

Entrepreneurial Platform Innovation

The ‘6-week Entrepreneurial Platform Innovation’ course is a new type of online video-enabled education programme specially designed for busy executives and their teams. 

The course has been designed to help you and your teams process cutting-edge ideas fast and cost effectively:

Module 1: Platform, Network and Ecosystem Know-How

Module 2: B2B and B2C Case studies and examples from around the world 

Module 3: Platform Innovation process & tools

Module 4: Ecosystemize – Finding new whitespaces & control points for growth

Module 5: From Ideation to Launch (PoC – MVP – MSP)

Module 6: Initial Growth and solving chicken-egg-problem

Module 7: Unlocking Network Effects and scale-up

Module 8: Deep-Dive: Financial Modeling of multi-sided businesses

Module 9: Deep-Dive: Platform Architecture + Data Flywheel

Module 10: Deep-Dive: Skills and Talent

Interested in a customized program?


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