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Platform Economics

A presentation about the basics of platform economics

Platform Economics

A presentation about the basics of platform economics

Platform Economics

A presentation about the basics of platform economics

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Top 10 Reading List

Want to learn more about platforms? Start with our curated reading list. We read them all and know which one are worth to buy. 

Below you will find short summaries of the books for some more details.


1. Platform EconomicsDavid S. Evans
2. Platform RevolutionChaudary
3. Platform LeadershipCusumano
4. MatchmakersEvans, Schmalensee
5. Age of the PlatformSimon
6. Platform ScaleChoudary
7. Platform StrategyReillier & Reillier
8. Platform CapitalismSrnicek
9. Modern MonopoliesMoazed, Johnson
10. Platform EcosystemsTiwana

How to leverage communities to unlock network effects

Through a conversation with Adam Broadway, CEO and founder of platformOS, a leading innovation platform, we explore the role and impact of communities on growth and network effects.
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How to leverage a marketplace to build a successful SaaS business

Through a conversation with Malte Zur we explore how testxchange, Europe’s leading platform for testing and certification, extended their marketplace business into a bigger SaaS. “Come for the network and stay for the tool” is a legitimate strategy, especially in B2B, to leverage the power of network effects in order to drive demand for your...
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Unlocking Network-Effects and driving sustainability in B2B marketplaces

Mercateo is Europe’s largest B2B platform; in this open discussion with Managing Director Lars Schade, we explored how the company unlocks network effects and leverages them to build defensibility against Amazon. Lars also shared with us how he leverages data and product information to give customers the possibility of more sustainable product purchases.
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Recap MIT Platform Strategy Summit 2020

Read what has been discussed at the MIT Platform Strategy Summit 2020 and learn more about the latest trends regarding Platform Talent, Experience Economy, Ecosystem Approaches and how corporates embrace the combination of physical-digital.
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Platform Crisis Response Strategies

How to respond to a crisis as a multi-sided business Key Takeaways for the Reader Platforms are not immune against the Corona Virus and some of them are in major troubleTo survive a crisis a structured 4-step process is requiredThe process is led by a “Crisis Response Team”A new “Crisis Response Canvas” supports the work...
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From Customer Journey to Ecosystem Journey Mapping

Introducing the “Ecosystem Journey Canvas” as a new strategy tool to enable growth in the era of platforms and ecosystems. Key Takeaways for the Reader Platforms currently disrupting value chains to become orchestrators — the big UnbundlingDigital Business Ecosystems (DBE) are a new phase, where services belonging to a bigger theme will be bundled under one...
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