These are the user guides for the Platform Innovation Kit

User Guides

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Business Model

Platform Business Model Canvas

Using the Platform Business Model Canvas allows you to map your platform business incl. new components like multiple customer segments, network effects, multiple revenue streams, etc.


Value Network

The Platform Value Canvas  define the value network of stakeholders of your platform. It helps to validate the value proposition and if it provides enough benefit for each stakeholder segment to join and interact with the platform.

Platform Services

The Platform Services Canvas helps you to define appropriate services you as the platform owner have to provide to facilitate onboarding, match making, transaction and engagement between the stakeholders.

Platform Architecture

Platform Architecture Canvas

No platform without IT. The Platform Architecture Canvas helps you to define the major components from interfaces (e.g. Apps, website, sensors) to connectivity to the backbone. This is important to understand the major infrastructure.


The Monetization Canvas defines a solid business case for your platform business by looking in detail to your revenue streams and your cost structure. It also helps you to test multiple monetization strategies.

Stakeholder Relationship

Platform Stakeholder Relationship Canvas

The Stakeholder Relationship Canvas defines helps you to discover relationships between the different stakeholders and what kind of network effects could be leveraged.

Platform Strategy

Platform Strategy Canvas

The purpose of the Platform Strategy Canvas is to define your go-to-market and resource strategies incl. how you solve the chicken-egg-problem and how you deal with investors.

Minimal Viable Platform (simple)

MVP Canvas (old)

The Minimal Viable Canvas (simple) helps you to define the core starting features of your platform, based on the riskiest assumptions regarding desirability, viability and feasibility. 

Environment Scan

The Environment Scan Canvas helps you to discover and analyze important trends impacting your business, sector or broader ecosystems. Includes key technology trends, market trends, industry forces and macroeconomic forces.

Minimal Viable Platform (advanced)

MVP Canvas

The Minimal Viable Canvas (advanced) additionally considers existing assets (maybe you as a corporate have) and key resources. It provides a perfect tool to align on what needs to be tested & developed first. 

Platform Evolution

Platform Evolution Canvas

The Platform Evolution Canvas is a strategy tool and helps you to define the phases of balanced growth of your customer segments (producers & consumers). It helps to visualize how you solve chicken-egg problem but also critical mass.

Value-Chain Scan

The Value Chain Scan Canvas supports you to understand relevant value chain actors and discover major inefficiencies as a great source for platformization. It also helps to understand money flows.


Platform Opportunity Canvas

To support ideation of a portfolio of platform opportunities, the Platform Oppportunity Model Canvas facilitates to capture your ideas quickly. It is a stripped-down version of the platform business model canvas.

User Behaviour / Governance

User Behaviour and Governance

With the Platform Governance Canvas you can explore and define appropriate rules and governance elements to foster good behaviour or punish bad behaviour of the users.

Stakeholder Persona

Stakeholder Persona Canvas

The Stakeholder Persona Canvas  helps you to perform a deep-dive into the pains / gains of your stakeholders. Also a great tool to use in validation interviews to test your assumptions.

Problem-Platform Fit

The Problem Platform Fit Canvas  is a matrix to match your platform offerings to the different stakeholders / users of your platforms. Helps you to better understand the diversity of the segments and the markets (long tail vs. niche).

Network Effects

Network Effects Stimulation Canvas

The Network Effects Canvas helps you to discover same-side and cross-side network effects, their importance / relevance for your platform and how you can stimulate them. An essential source for exponential growth.

USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

USP Canvas

The USP-Canvas helps you to better understand how your platform compares to alternatives / competitive platforms and to define the right positioning strategies to win.