Environment Scan Canvas

How to use our tool effectively

This guide will help you to get quickly comfortable with our proven methodology and our toolset.

Down below, you will find the explanation of each tool, as well as a detailed “how-to”-guide so that you can start working on your ideas with ease.


The environment scan helps you to analyze and understand what is happening around you – to identify opportunities and risks.
By mapping results from research and studies the canvas will support deeper discussion with your innovation peers to build a common understanding.

  1. Define the current business you want to disrupt – could be your own or the the business of someone else -> put it into the middle
  2. Collect and analyze different sources for trends, market developments, competitors, analyst opinions, etc. related to your platform
  3. Discuss the collected information and highlight the most important -> condense them into clear statements
  4. Map the statements on the canvas into the four areas to build a common picture

Pin the most important statements closer to the middle and the less important more on the outside


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