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Creative Commons License

We believe in platforms & ecosystems as a concept for stronger collaboration – together everybody achieves more. Therefore we publish the Platform Innovation Kit and the know how behind under Creative Commons to give back to the community of Platform Innovators and also to learn from the platform tales around the globe.


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Corona Crisis Response Canvas

Crisis Response Canvas - Example

Platform Crisis Response Canvas

Core Elements

PIK 3.0 (Canvases + User-Guide)

Platform Innovation Plan 3.0

Platform Self-Assessment 3.0

Single Canvases

Discovery & Exploration Phase

Ecosystem Journey Canvas

Ecosystem Journey Canvas 4.0

Environment Scan Canvas 4.0

Value Chain Scan Canvas 4.0

Platform Opportunity Canvas

Platform Opportunity Canvas 4.0

Stakeholder Persona Canvas

Stakeholder Persona Canvas 4.0

Problem-Platform-Fit Canvas 4.1

Business Model

Platform Business Model Canvas

Platform Business Model Canvas 4.0

Platform Value Canvas 4.0

Platform Services Canvas 4.0

Platform Architecture Canvas

Platform Architecture Canvas 4.0

User Behaviour and Governance

User Behaviour and Governance Canvas 4.0

Platform Monetization Canvas 4.0

Launch & Scale-up Phase

Platform Strategy Canvas

Platform Strategy Canvas 4.0

Network Effects Stimulation Canvas

Network Effects Stimulation Canvas 4.0

MVP Canvas

Minimal Viable Platform Canvas 4.0

Platform Evolution Canvas

Platform Evolution Canvas 4.0


Platform Stakeholder Relationship Canvas

Platform Stakeholder Relationship Canvas 3.0

MVP Canvas (old)

Minimal Viable Platform Canvas 4.0 (simple)

Interactive User-Guide

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