Platform Strategy Canvas Slide Purpose The Strategy Canvas helps you to define the playground when turning your idea into reality.It consolidates some of the core understandings and adds strategic aspects like go-to-market strategy, positioning against stakeholders and a business case. Slide Instructions How to begin Slide 1. Work from right to left. 2. Start by defining your future position (middle layer). 3. Collect all major influencing factors (top layer). 4. Outline your key strategies (bottom layer). Slide Best Practice Challenge your statements continuously and check interdependencies. If needed, use the Monetisation Canvas for a business case deep dive. Slide Core elements of the canvas Slide 01 Stakeholders Focus on the main peers for your business model based on influencing power and potential risks. • Are these stakeholders supporting or contradicting your project? • How do you transform your stakeholders into ambassadors of your platform? Slide 02 Vision Focus on the main theme that keeps you working on each single day. • Where do you see the platform in 2-3 years? • The vision is more an internal view and future-oriented Slide 03 Resource-based Strategy Focus on internal capabilities / assets (tangible and intangible) in order to assert your position in the market. • What are the resources that are of value, rare, costly to imitate and organised to capture value in order to be considered as sustained competitive advantage? Slide 04 Business Case Focus on the main assumptions of your business case. • What are the variables and how uncertain are the underlying assumptions? • When do you reach break even level? Slide 05 Business drivers Focus on the most important variables that are driving your platform success (e.g. number of consumers, number of transactions, etc.). Slide 06 Competition Focus on the main service or product substitutes. • What are your current competitors? What could be future competitors (new entrants)? • What are substitute products or services for your platform? Slide 07 Mission Focus on your perception within the market. • What‘s the purpose of your platform? (Check dependencies to your value proposition). • The mission is more an external view and focused on the current state. Slide 08 Market-based Strategy Focus on ways to gain a foothold in the market. • How do you position yourself within the market and against your competitors? • How do you generate lock-in effects (high switching costs)?