Platform Service Canvas Slide Purpose The Service Canvas helps you to design the core services you have to provide to allow a seamless / frictionless match-making, transaction and engagement of and between the stakeholders. It is a perfect combination of journey mapping and service design. Slide Instructions How to begin Slide For each Stakeholder use a separate Service Canvas. 1. Define the stakeholder in the inner circle. 2. Start on the left-hand-side to define the motivation, how you attract them and the current alternatives. Helping you to understand potential expectations. 3. List the offerings of your platform and put them closer to the circle the better they match to the needs. The middle part defines the touch points with your platform and the relevant core services. Slide 4. Satisfaction drivers allow you to understand the importance and the USPs of your platform. 5. At the right-hand-side you describe important insights you gain, necessary key resources and how you stay in contact with the stakeholder. 6. Last step is to define the success factors.