Platform Value Canvas Slide Purpose The Value Canvas helps you to define the core value proposition and business model of your platform. You understand the core motivation of every stakeholder to join the platform. And you design the inbound and outbound transactions incl. revenue streams. Slide Instructions How to begin Slide 1. Define the core element & mission of your platform. 2. Define the key stakeholders. 3. Define the value propositions. 4. Define the inbound / outbound transactions. Slide Best Practice Concentrate on the value proposition for each stakeholder segment. It’s important that you get this right, because your platform needs to serve multiple segments at the same time. If necessary do a deep dive with the “Stakeholder Persona Canvas”. Slide Core elements of the canvas Slide 01 Core Value & Mission In the center of each platform business model is the core value traded on the platform. The core value is the connection between the stakeholders. Around this core the platform will provide additional value propositions. Examples: UBER is to get ride from A to B, AirBnB is to get a stay at a location and YouTube is entertainment. Slide 02 Stakeholders On the outer ring position the key stakeholders (consumers, producers, partners). Think in roles, not in organizations. • Who is consuming the values? • Who is producing the values? • Who is providing additional services? Slide 03 Value Proposition On the dark grey ring define the key value propositions for each stakeholder role. There must be a benefit for all stakeholders – otherwise the whole business model will not work! Ask 5 times why to discover the true reasons – or use the Value Proposition Canvas to get a deeper understanding of the jobs-to-be-done, pains and gains of the stakeholders. Slide 04 Transactions The transactions are inbound and outbound deliverables – tangible and intangible. • Inbound: What values brings the stakeholder to the platform. • Outbound: What gets the stakeholder from the platform? • Money / Revenue: Map the flow of the money, which will allow to understand your business model.