Platform Idea Canvas Slide Purpose The Platform Idea Canvas helps you to scribble a platform business idea on a one-pager. By filling all gaps you make sure, that you’ve taken all essential elements of an business model into account. You are able to quickly create an idea portfolio by running several iterations. Slide Instructions How to begin Slide 1. Fill in the gaps, starting with the “what” (value proposition). 2. Define all players (peers) on your platform. 3. Describe how you want to make money (revenue model) and the corresponding value stream. 4. Give your idea a catchy name, and then pitch your idea and clarify the understanding. Slide Best Practice At this stage it is most important to generate as many ideas as possible. Try to pitch your idea in an elevator speech of 1 minute max by starting with the “what”. Slide Core elements of the canvas Slide 01 Stakeholders Name the main peers of your platform: Consumers: Who is going to use information / services on your platform? Partners : Who is able generate additional value to producers / consumers? Producers: Who is going to provide information / services on your platform. Slide 02 Value Proposition Focus on the core value the platform is going to provide to the different peers. • A one sentence description of your business idea. • Why should the peers join? • What is the main service you provide? Slide 03 Value Stream Focus on value stream that is processed on your platform. • How do you transform inputs into outputs? • What are the core jobs you do as a platform? Slide 04 Revenue Model How do you want to make money? • What are the platform flows? (goods & services, money, information) • What are your main business models?