Environment Scan Slide Purpose The environment scan helps you to analyse and understand what is happening around you and identify opportunities and risks. By mapping results from research and studies the canvas will support deeper discussion with your innovation peers to build a common understanding. Slide Instructions How to begin Slide 1. Define the current business you want to disrupt, could be your own or the the business of someone else. Write it down in the middle. 2. Collect and analyse different sources for trends, market developments, competitors, analyst opinions, etc. related to your platform. 3. Discuss the collected information and highlight the most important -> condense them into clear statements. 4. Map the statements on the canvas into the four areas to build a common picture. Slide Best Practice Pin the most important statements closer to the middle and the less important more on the outside. Slide Core elements of the canvas Slide 01 Key trends Focus on the key trends shaping your arena : Technology Trends, Regulatory Trends, Societal and Cultural Trends, Socioeconomic Trends. • Which emerging technologies are used by early adopters? • Which shifts in cultural or societal values can be observed? • Which regulatory requirements will be in place in the upcoming years? Slide 02 Industry forces Focus on the key actors in your space. Suppliers & other value chain actors, Stakeholders, Competitors, New entrants, Substitute products and services. • Who are the dominant players in our particular sector? • What are their competitive advantages or disadvantages? Slide 03 Market forces Focus on the key customer issues, needs and demands. Analyse market segments, needs and demands, market issues, switching costs and revenue attractiveness. • What are the crucial issues affecting the customer landscape? • Which peripheral segments deserve attention? • Where are the biggest unsatisfied customer needs? Slide 04 Macroeconomic forces Focus on the macro trends and global conditions. Analyse global market conditions, Capital markets, Economic infrastructure, Commodities and other resources. • How easy is it to obtain the resources needed to execute your business model (e.g. attract prime talent)? • How costly are these resources?