Architecture Canvas Slide Purpose The Architecture Canvas helps you to design and understand the IT architecture / infrastrucutre from frontend to backend. Especially as a multi-sided model you will often face the need for different architecture components on producers and consumers side. Slide Instructions How to begin Slide 1. List your stakeholders from the value canvas. 2. Define needed / required interfaces for each stakeholder segment. 3. Define the connection between interfaces and core system. 4. Define the core elements of your backend and data structure. Slide Core elements of the canvas Slide 01 Interfaces • What are the main interfaces used by the stakeholders? • What are the major functionalities the interface has to provide? Slide 02 Backend & Data • What are the main components of the backend? • Is there an existing platform which can be used? • How will the data be stored? Slide 03 API/ Connectivity • How open the platform needs to be? • How will the platform be connected to the stakeholders? • What are the sub-systems of the stakeholders?